Jul 3, 2010

Bling, Bling ......Cellophane?

these are earrings made of 100% recyclable materials paperclips [ear wire] magazines [reinforcement] and cellophane wrapping paper from my local dollar store <3

Mar 17, 2010

rockin the boots

I always wanted a pair of short boots that were unique.but i refused to shell out $60 to $70 dollars for the few pairs i saw that i fell in love with.So, i took it the liberty of making these .It was quite tricky trying to run these babies though the sewing machine, but the finished product was worth the work.
also, these shoes were featured in an episode of "threadbanger", a you tube channel dedicated to D.I.Y fashion

Dec 31, 2009

First ever Crochet hat! and fishnet glove

This is the first hat i ever made thanks to Corrine from Threadbanger.com. They have a step by step tutorial on how to do it on the site. but she wasnt so specific about the dept, i just went in about 2 and a half inches,the hat she made may be deeper

as 4 the glove thats a random creation [i needed something to go with the hat] i only made one because i was lazy. but when i thought about it, on was just enough

you may be asking "renee why didnt you make one in black?" im already on the job lol. im going to make 2 black gloves; no hat though [not enough yarn :(] but i may make a black hat later but for now im sticking with the gloves.

aw yea! and te make up is my LA colors mineral green eyshadow i fished from te bottom of my makeup box with a little copper color right above it withblack liner and mascara and the lips are a purple lipgloss that came in a kit that i didt think i would like but when i tried it on it looked nice! [really complements the green]

Oct 24, 2009

Mod Artists Portfolio Case

i n

This is a case i made for art class. its made of 3 different color jeans and a litte leather. Ive been trying to get around to making it all week and i finally finished last night! this is the first project that i ever had to put a zipper in! who hoo! i did a pretty good job! :D now i can go to art class and my interviews in style!
i think i need to make more buisness cards i,im sure ill get some orders for these for sure.

Oct 17, 2009

Lady GaGa Poker Face inspired Face Bolt

finally made one of these, its out of an alluminum pop can and some industrial strength double stick tape from the hardware store, I know , sounds scary and permenant but its not. its actualy very secure. im wearing one monday i know ill get a substantial amount of orders.

Oct 16, 2009

"Cowl Girl" Tube scarf

One of my first knitting projects. I finally figured out how to do cables so i incorperated them all around thre scarf. Cables are the "twizzler"looking twisty patterns.I love this thing! its so cozy and will be nifty for the winter months ahead.:D