Sep 14, 2009

Collage Wallet

This is a purse I made from a collection of fashion related cut outs from different magazines I accumulated over the years.I arranged them in a way so they look like they "exist " in the same space and blend well together. This took a bit of time cutting out the pices precisely; and I think that made it that much more special because not only is it a handmade piece , Its a crafted one of a kind piece.

Sep 1, 2009

Floor Tile Clutch Purse

This is a clutch i made from my moms left over floor tile. The moment I saw it I saw like OMG that would be a cute clutch! I always loved structured, sturdy purses made from things other than fabric; [wood, metal, ect.] later ill figure out a closure and mabe attatch some chain for the straps and line the inside and put some levers and fabric on the side so it opens at a 30 degree angle and everything in it wont go spilling out