Jul 20, 2009


Hiya bloggers, while surfing the web i discovered this cool ass metal haulter top when i looked colse i realized it was made completely out of pop tabs!!!!! when i tell you i was Pissed!!! we buy packs of pop all the time at my house and now we only have one pewny pack of grape {aprox, 12 tabs]UGGGGHHHH!!

anyway im collecting then formamy ans everyone willing to pop them off and save them for me.i literally need hundreds of these things. pictured is my own design; very intricvate but i can get it done!

Natural Everyday look

For this look i used A brown eyeshadow trio;brownie copper and Beige,[from bottom to top];Black liquid liner,Volumozing mascara
i filled in my brows with a brow pencil and brow spoolie.for my lips i used a burgundy lip pencil and clear gloss.

Firtst try at Vertical Fading [ICE QUEEN]

I do not know theprofessional term for this is so i call it Vertical Fading. Virtical fading is when you blend one color into the next without any hard lines.In this picture it is fading from white to baby blue to navy blue [cant really see the navy]

Sewing Accesories Belt

Jul 13, 2009

Eyeshadow pigments for a PENNY!!! Paint Fx Cosmetics

people,its true at http://paintfxcosmetics.com/ you can get a small baggy of eyeshadow pigments f0r a PENNY each!!!!they have 52 colors from shiny to matte shades. you can also sample the primer![cream used before you put your eyeshadow on to make it POP!] The catch? you can pick up to four pigments per order and shipping may vary by area code and state. I know for Chicago, 60620, the shipping and handling is only $2.50! its great if youre a begginer like me and are skeptical about certain colors and dot want to pay full price for more pricy brands.and also the good thing about Paint Fx is if you like the penny sampler they sell the full sized jar for like $1.75.OH and they also have a gallery so customers can upload thier looks, check it out! http://paintfxcosmetics.com/Gallery.html

Jul 3, 2009

Tropical green...i love it !!!!!!!!

just bought it today from my local dollar store[ they buy all the overstock stuff from department stores,sometimes really good stuff] i was rummaging though the cosmetics iale and fell in love with this green mineral eyeshadow my L.A. looks. i didnt use much but as you can see a litte bit goes a long way!
i used:
L.A. Looks Green mineral eyeshadow
black liquid eyeliner
black mascara

oh and did you notice my brows? FABULOUS!
i used:
clear eyebrow serum [lable rubbed off but if you search it youll find it]
blendable eyebrow pencil[this one has the brush attatched]
brow stencil
brow grooming brush

and my lips its nothing but a littel clear gloss