Jul 3, 2009

Tropical green...i love it !!!!!!!!

just bought it today from my local dollar store[ they buy all the overstock stuff from department stores,sometimes really good stuff] i was rummaging though the cosmetics iale and fell in love with this green mineral eyeshadow my L.A. looks. i didnt use much but as you can see a litte bit goes a long way!
i used:
L.A. Looks Green mineral eyeshadow
black liquid eyeliner
black mascara

oh and did you notice my brows? FABULOUS!
i used:
clear eyebrow serum [lable rubbed off but if you search it youll find it]
blendable eyebrow pencil[this one has the brush attatched]
brow stencil
brow grooming brush

and my lips its nothing but a littel clear gloss

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