Dec 31, 2009

First ever Crochet hat! and fishnet glove

This is the first hat i ever made thanks to Corrine from They have a step by step tutorial on how to do it on the site. but she wasnt so specific about the dept, i just went in about 2 and a half inches,the hat she made may be deeper

as 4 the glove thats a random creation [i needed something to go with the hat] i only made one because i was lazy. but when i thought about it, on was just enough

you may be asking "renee why didnt you make one in black?" im already on the job lol. im going to make 2 black gloves; no hat though [not enough yarn :(] but i may make a black hat later but for now im sticking with the gloves.

aw yea! and te make up is my LA colors mineral green eyshadow i fished from te bottom of my makeup box with a little copper color right above it withblack liner and mascara and the lips are a purple lipgloss that came in a kit that i didt think i would like but when i tried it on it looked nice! [really complements the green]