Jun 27, 2009

$$$$Beauty on a budget!$$$$

ok i know allot of girls out there who dont use makeup on a daily basis and dont know where to start. trust me ive been there,if youre not planning to be a makeup artist and you want to enhanse your own look then go to http://www.eyeslipsface.com/ ;they have a wide range of items for only a dollar!....[shipping is $6.95, it is a better investment if you buy more than one item] from brushes to blushes ,from liner to shadow. they have it all at unbelievable prices...oh! and did i mention they are a proud sponsor of PETA?.... :D

still a little uneasy about doing your own makeup? two words...YOU TUBE it helped me ALLOT. they have tutorials for about Everything, eyes, lips, foundation the works!

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